What are you doing in my class?

I just received my reviews for last semesters advanced photo class. They were pretty good, but I don’t get one student’s comment.

The student wished I would have focused more on how to use the actual camera then giving assignments to make pictures. Excuse me? The class was “Advanced Photography.” At that point you should know how to use your camera. If not, how’d you get into my damned class anyway?

Summer classes started last evening. So, at the start of class I gave my “advanced photo” students a basic photo knowledge quiz. Most of them (9), except two, got all answers correct. I think I’ll do that at the start of every advanced class, or maybe for all classes. It was a good way to gauge their photo knowledge.

I also gave the students their first assignment to photograph whatever they would like. They’ll have to turn in three edited images, and all or the images shot for the assignment. This will give me an idea about their eye, editing skills, and I’ll see how their minds work while making pictures.

Since they answered most of the questions correctly makes me believe I have allot to look forward to with this group. 🙂