Show A Bit Of Respect!!

A few days ago, someone in a Facebook to which I belong needed assistance with Photoshop for a project they were working on for their business. I offered, and did help the person. She wrote me a very nice thank you note in that group. She posted it and tagged me along with a link to my website. All of which is much appreciated and very kind. (SEE BELOW)

So, the link to my website shows a main image that someone commented on. The person wrote, “Look it’s Zorro!” Well, considering the image is from a funeral for a veteran who had no one to attend his burial and a health care worker helped get hundreds to attend the vets funeral, I was a bit perplexed. Strike that mostly, I was fucking annoyed. There is a time and place for humor. And, if the woman was trying to be funny, A. I don’t get it. B. Who the fuck are you to make some dumb ass comment like that. Be warned, I am very, very protective of my photographic subjects. Even in death.

As a photojournalist, we develop a certain trust with our subjects, and their families…and their friends or colleagues. Our goal is never to harm someone, verbally or by showing them in a sad light. If someone negates a subject of one of my images, I AM PISSED.

I wrote the above under her comment.
Her response was that a very dear friend is in the photograph. OK. Well, if that’s the case why write such a dumb thing? I wrote again to ask if that person was who she refers to as Zorro. Never hear back and the woman coming now seems to have deleted the comment.