Higbee Beach In West Cape May, New Jersey

Years ago, I recall Higbee Beach being known as a nude only fishing shoes were popular, lewd along the tip of Cape May Point in New Jersey. Seems about ten years ago, that changed. Now it is a hub for people that are looking for a quiet spot to sunbath and bring your dog. Fisherman even bring heir poles. The beach is straight across from the Cape May – Lewes Ferry. And sometimes the horns from the ferry are a bit loud. I made some pix. It was the first time I had been back to this beach in about 10 years. Looks pretty much the same.

Wildwood RAW

On Monday I took a ride to the Jersey Shore to check on the house. I brought a D200 and an 18-55mm lens just in case I found something interesting to photograph.

I found myself in Wildwood near the beach. I drove past the Wildwoods sign and beach ball sculpture and realized I’d never photographed that scene. Then parked the car and went to work.

The slideshow below shows the original RAW image, untoned. And the second shows the toned JPEG version. The lighting on the original version was pretty flat. So, working in Photoshop, I kicked up the contrast a bit and burned down the clouds. Notice that whe I toned the image, the color popped a bit more.