San Disk Card Plastic Frayed Almost Damages Nikon D800

I was on an assignment last night, went to put one of my SanDisk 16 GB cards into my Nikon D800. The card seemed to stick, I pulled out the card and then pushed it back into the card slot.
The camera then gave me a card error message. I pulled out the card and found that the disk front had pulled away from the plastic. The card is now useless and almost destroyed the Nikon D800 SD card reader on camera.
IMG_8191 IMG_8189
Luckily, the D800 has a compact flash and SD card slot. So, instead of putting my other Sandisk SD cards into the slot and potentially doing damage to them last night, I placed one of my compact flash cards into the camera to complete the job.
When I finished with the job nd arrived back at the office, I took some old 2GB sd cards and tried one of them in the SD slot. The camera reader worked fine. Thank God!!
I certainly was not looking forward to sending my D800 back to Nikon Professional Services a few days before Easter break. Luckily, I won’t have to do that since it is the card that is at issue.

I’m not sure why the card plastic frayed at the front element, but believe it may have just worn out. That said, I’ll still use SanDisk.

Headed to pick up some new SD Cards.