The Power Of Pictures

It’s Valentine’s Day, so I thought I’d share this story.

The power of pictures.

Just received a very sad request. A man emailed me last night looking for a copy of an image I made a few years ago at an event. He was looking to download a copy of the photograph. 

The power of pictures.

First thing I thought was, “Oh, someone wants a freebie.” 

Sadly, there’s more to the story. You see, the photo featured a woman that this gentleman had been in a relationship with, so, the reason was personal. It turns out that I made the image in the beginning of the couple’s relationship. 

The power of pictures.

The dawn of a new day.
Love in the air.
All that really good stuff at the start of something special.
That’s how the man sees the image.

Very cool. OK. Now we get to the sad part. The couple is no longer together. Late last month the woman died tragically in a kayaking accident. The man was looking for something that reminded him of her. That reminder is in the image I made way back when.

The power of pictures.

No, I won’t share the image, because quite frankly, I don’t want to invade their privacy.

He was willing to pay for it, but I just couldn’t charge someone for something like that.
A memory.
A piece of someone’s heart.
So, I just sent the pic with my condolences.

Can’t believe that I am crying like a baby writing this.

The power of pictures.

The reason I was able to find that image is, well, we are professional. Our archives are easily accessible as well as searchable years after an event. Currently in our archives are images date back to the very beginning when I was the station photographer for 93.3 WMMR in the mid-80’s before joining the staff of the Philadelphia Inquirer.

We value your memories as much you do.

The value of the memories created are priceless.

The power of pictures.

When looking for a photographer, whether hiring us or not, please keep that in mind.

Working Without Power On Deadline or Generating Pictures

Wednesday night I photographed a wrestling tournament in Robbinsville, New Jersey for the Burlington County Times. It wasn’t too far from home, so, I decided to leave my laptop at home because there was plenty of time to get there, come back and transmit to the newspaper’s office for layout.

After I finished shooting, I gathered my gear and headed towards the exit and saw people huddled around the door waiting out a torrential downpour. Not good. I shoved my gear under my coat and ran to the car. Made it. not too wet.

Drive home, slowly through the heavy rain. About three miles from home I get away from the rain. My thinking at this point was, “Yeah!!! No more rain.”
Then my wife calls and I thought we may have been flooded. She said no, that wasn’t the case, but there was no power. Great!!

So, I arrive home. Not sure when the power was coming back on I was about to pack up my laptop, in the dark, and head to Starbucks to transmit. Then I remembered, we have a generator. It was still on the back patio because we had set it up in case the ice and snow from a few weeks ago caused a power outage.
I went outside, used my iPhone 6+ as a light source, found the switches and started up that baby. Ok. so, now it’s running. Need to get power cord from there into the house. I did that, but not before getting the cable hooked on a tree and yanking it, thus smacking myself in the face with the end of the cord. Ouch!! Blood. No time to worry. Keep moving.

Once the cord was in the house, I found alight, unplugged from the wall, and plugged into the generator. Now we have light!!!
Next. Get power to the laptop. Found a power strip. Added that to the chain. No laptop is good. Oh no, how can I transmit? No wifi. But yes. I do have wifi. My iPhone 6+ serves as a hotspot. Sweeeeeettt!! Plug that in for power. I am then all set.

Dropped the SD cards into the Macbook Pro. Downloaded. Edited in Photoshop, Photo Mechanic. Pix moved to the office. I had to make sure that I saved the images high enough resolution, but compressed enough to not lose clarity. Save at quality 8 at 300 dpi 8×10. Pix sailed through the phone.

Now for the video. I thought that might be trickier, but I made sure that my video report was 44 seconds so i could save it small. Worked like a charm.
Moved the video, checked in, all was good. Now, I was done.

After I finished. I unplugged everything and then hooked up the fridge, bose and our SiriusXM radio. Had to have food, drink and music while waiting for the power to return. 🙂

I feel asleep, and eventually, at 12:40 AM, I was awoken by all the lights in the house going on. When the power goes out, people generally open every switch in the house like that is going to turn the power back on. All that does is freak you out in the middle of the night an the power comes on. Boy how brightly awake I was.

Looking back today, I realized that generator is wonderfully fabulous!!!!