I Don’t Like Pictures of People Crying

In almost every photography class or lecture I show students images from my portfolio. It contains a bit of news, sports, entertainment and feature photos. This is shown to prove that I’m not some kind of lunatic and I actually do know how to make a picture that captures a moment that tells a story. Last night, I taught a basic photography class at one of my workshops (Cain Images Photographic Workshops). Everyone seemed to get what I was speaking about and learned how to use their cameras better in manual settings. After the class, a woman pulled me aside. And here I was thinking she was going to thank me for the class. But, no. She whispers, “You know when photographers take pictures of people crying. I don’t like that. It’s invading their privacy.” I’m pretty sure she was referring to this image.

Mourners Remember Well-Known Trauma Surgeon Killed In Iraq

My response was, “Do you think we like making those kinds of pictures? See the full post